Power forward for Teshie-Nungua, Josiah Awudu, has turned out to be arguably the championships best player and he wants to use his new found status to inspire the debutant to lift season-2 of Community Dunks 2010.

Josiah has put up some eye-catching displays at the University of Ghana basketball court that has drawn supporters to their feet.

Teshie-Nungua’s qualification to the semi-finals has been hugely credited to the explosive form of the man who has become an instant hero in his community. He’s got quick feet and his level of thinking and play is so amazing that he’s already been regarded as one talent with huge prospect for the future in the West African country.

Awudu Josiah’s hard-charging attitude has catapulted his community to such a status in the most prestigious basketball championships among selected communities in the Greater Accra region.

The typical makeup of a power forward for most teams is a big and bulky body, a player with the frame to bang around the basket and perhaps toss in a mid-range jumper.

Josiah at power forward is what made Coach Joseph Ayizangah’s charges such a defensive nightmare, but even with such success, it also was a reason they fell short.

The new comers bullied and bruised the Ashaiman front line in the final match of the group stages that secured them a semi-final berth on Saturday and Josiah is keen to make history with his side and claims critics must eat humble pie for doubting their capabilities.

‘We know many people didn’t give us many chances to get to this far and probably shocked to see us here but we’ve shown we’re a good team capable of winning the championship’. he said.

We’re aware of the challenges that confront us but we’ll meet head-on them as they come and surely the doubting thomasses should be eating humble pie.

He added: ‘We’re not afraid of any side but only respect them. We know our semi-final match will very difficult but we’ll not be overawed by the occasion and hopefully we’ll get our spot on and make the final grade.

Teshie-Nungua tackles high flying Kaneshie in one of the semi-final pairings line up on Saturday at the University of Ghana basketball court.

Community Dunks is an initiative of Rite Multimedia and sponsored by Indomie with support from Metro TV and 90 Minutes newspaper.


  1. Well! Da tournament in ma view has bn one of da finest.da debutants were gr8 even doe they clinched da 3rd spot.now! da young guy 4rm teshie-nungua i mean awudu josiah deserved da mvp award.his input in da game 4rm day one was awesome.i watched every bit of da game so i know what am talking about.it’s rada unfortunate da decision kant be changed


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