Mawuli Senior High is gradually becoming a household name in the game in the Volta region after they posted a famous victory over highly fancied Keta Senior High (Ketabusco) and in the process booked a place in the grand finale of the prestigious Sprite Ball Championship on Saturday.

The young but talented players from the highly respected school were awesome and their nail-biting and nerve racking performance at Mawuko girls basketball court will never go unnoticed.

They’ve earned rave reviews in the local media for their stellar display and if complacency doesn’t get the better of them, they should be primed for the bigger showdown at the El-Wak stadium in two months time.

The one day-competition certainly enacted rivalry, settled old scores and the quest to assert authority among the various schools was pretty much eminent in a game that attracted thousands of fans to the venue.

Mawuli undoubtedly showcased pure brilliance, character and team spirit and their backroom staff should take delight in the fact that for the first time in the history of the competition, they’ve finally negotiated their qualification ticket. And they did so in an amazing fashion with some eye-catching and delectable basketball skills on the court.

They enjoyed tremendous support from home side Mawuko girls and that could have done the trick for a side that have tried but failed to qualify for the grand finale on two previous attempts.

The young ballers have become instant heroes in their school and when the buzzer went for the end of the game, their tears of joy that filled their heart and warmth of the players and the technical staff was clear……. Oh finally we’ve made it and we’ll be in Accra.

It was an emotional and sniveling scene as players and coaches hugged each other.

Clearly it wasn’t meant to be the day for Ketabusco. They started their mission on a positive note- thumping teams left, right and centre. And when they met Mawuli whom they’ve beaten in the previous two editions, many thought it was going to be one of those games for last year’s bridesmaid. But they were shell –shocked in a game that held fans spell bound for the two halves.

They’ve done well and deserve all the plaudit for their performance.

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By: Patrick Akoto


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