Mawuko Girls Senior High School hosted the 2010 Volta regional Sprite Ball Championship and surely they lived up to expectations with a massive home support that ignited the competition quite undetected in the region for the past three years.

The young girls from the respected region attended the one-day competition in huge numbers as they brought the venue to a stand-still by cheering their team and any other side that displayed amazing basketball talent. They won the heart and warmth of the visiting teams and at a point you might be tempted to think it was a jamboree.

In fact they were a delight to watch as they sang and beat repertoires of drums to thrill the engaging crowd. But irrespective of all the support that their team enjoyed on their own backyard, their effort was rewarded with a lowly fourth placed finish.

They started on a blistering and eye-catching note- producing one of the finest comebacks to beat rivals Mawuli in their opening fixture before seeing off Three Town Girls in their second game.  The atmosphere as expected was electrifying and mind blowing intermingled with some startling dancing skills to the charging of spectators who had gathered to witness the first regional qualifiers in 2010.  

But just when expectations among their teeming fans had heightened to an unimaginable pinnacle, they produced a dreary performance at the semi-final stage to lose by an embarrassing 13-0 to eventual winners Awudome – shattering the dream of a very promising young team.

Mawuko Girls will certainly live to fight another day but I’m sure they will take consolation in the fact they’ve moved a step further from where they fall off last year- Certainly the rebuilding exercise is on for them.

24-gun salute for the headmistress, Staff and Students of Mawuko Girls School

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  1. I think you gals have really done well that was really outstanding .Wish you the best in Accra.Hope 2 see you all in Accra in December.But you watch out for the reigning champions in Kumasi. KUMASI TECHNICAL INSTITUTE the CANADIAN BOYS this year you all ,Sprite Ball game and mother Ghana.


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