Fans were treated to a day filled with fun and excitements during the 2011 Sprite Ball Jam at the Aviation Social Centre on Friday.

Some of the finest artistes in the country thrilled the crowd with music and dance that got patrons on their feet- celebrating the competition that has provided the launch pad for players in the West African country over the past five years.

Asaase Aban, Echo, D-Flex Yahoo Boys, Rasbobo, Klala, 2 Ras baby amongst others took turns to entertain the enthusiastic crowd.

The ‘Azonto’ dance, the biggest phenomenon in Ghana in 2011, continues to buzz across the country and the students demonstrated that the craze is spreading like wild fire.

The competition in the Azonto phenomenon was amazing and keenly contested for as contestants exhibited various skills on the dance floor with fans cheering on their respective schools.

It was also an exciting specter as students from various schools spread across the country interacted with each other as they await the main event on the 4-5 January, 2012 at the El-Wak stadium and the Aviations Social Centre respectively.

The day also witnessed some breath-taking display on the 1 on 1, 3 on 3 and free style rap.

In the exhibition game itself, Sacred Heart defeated Achimota Senior High and Akosombo International School to send a strong signal that they will be one of the huge favourite to win their third title in three years.

In the boy’s division, Koforidua Secondary and Technical School (KSTS), Aquinas and Armed Forces tested their resolve against each other head of the main event and will admits that their  meeting was a good exercise for them.

There were also Holy Trinity Cathedral (Hotcass) and Achimota-based St John’s Grammar who also exhibited some amazing fine form on the day.

With the jams done and dusted, the focus has swiftly been turned to the fifth anniversary of the competition which has proven to be the catalyst for talents to be unearthed.



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