St Dominic’s star man Joseph Keteku will get a chance to know what the full is all about when he makes the short trip with his side  to play in the 2012 Milo Junior Ball at Koforidua over the weekend to take on Adio Bismark.

Keteku has discovered in the local media that there’s lot of interest in him since he will be the leading St Dominic’s team at the one-day championship at the centre court of the Koforidua Secondary Technical School on Saturday February 25, 2012.

The 14-year-old helped his side to the knockout phase of the competition at the same venue last year with individual breath-taking performances that made him the fans favourite.

He also sparked the tournament with amazing runs and the youngster says there is no greater honour than to represent his school for the second time.

“It’s always a great honour to play for my school and that’s what we’ll look forward to achieve at the championship,”Keteku said

“It’s a different kind of ball movement, running up and down more, because we have no real big guy inside and that’s why I believe i will be crucial to he side,”

“We’ve got to run and do more stuff on the defense,”

“The team and myself needs to score and rebound. I need to do more for our team to do better and win the game,”

The 2012 Milo Junior Ball Championship is brought to you by Nestle Milo- the food drink of future championship, supported by Indomie Instant Noodles and powered by Rite Multimedia.


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