David Addo Ashong

Ghana Basketball Association chairman David Addo-Ashong has lauded the 2013 Ghana Basketball and Leadership Camp which ended successfully last weekend.

Over forty boys and girls took part in an exhilarating six-day camp which took place in the country’s capital, Accra.

Players were taken through many drills including the learning the basic art of the game while being assessed on their technical skills such as defense, rebound, dribbling amongst others.

At the end of the exercise campers expressed their delight with the session and praised organizers for putting together another masterpiece.

The country’s basketball chief, David Addo-Ashong who attended the opening ceremony wasted no time in praising the organizers – Rite Multimedia while lauding the initiate as the best that could happen to the growth of the sport.

“As an association we’re particularly pleased that Rite Multimedia has come in to this aspect of the sports,” Addo Ashong said

“As an association we have already declared that this area will be our major priority.

“Our focus was going to be on the encouraging technical skills amongst the youth because we think as an association that s where our support should come.

“We are fantastically pleased that Rite Multimedia is helping us entered this aspect of the game and beyond the promotion of several games is focusing now on what we consider as the most important part of the game which is to make sure that the proper technical skills are thought.”

Campers were awarded certificate and videos of their six-day camping expected to sent to various colleges abroad for a potential education scholarships.


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