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The first All-Star Game roaster is out and it’s turning out to be extremely interesting and an exhibition game which will feature a mixture of familiar faces and first-timers.

Oh, and there is going to be a boatload of controversy.

We’ll get into the specifics in a moment, but as usual there are a number of fans’ favourite currently occupying starting positions at various tertiary institutions ahead of some deserving newcomers.

With a couple of days between now and the actual game itself, there is still plenty of time for fan sentiment, injuries and fickle coach selections to alter the composition of the two teams.

Former stars of previous Sprite Ball Championship have been drafted into the All-Star team ahead of the 2013 Sprite Expressions on Tuesday December 24 at the Aviation Social Centre.

Twenty players grouped into two will form the Green and White Stars in what is expected to be a taciturn and an engaging contest full of fan and thrills.

The Green Team will comprise of Uche (Presbyterian Boys), Charles Annang (Armed Forces), Maxwell Mod (Mfantsipim), David Akuffo (Mfantsipim), Ralph (Armed Forces), Edem Quist (Mfantsipim), Jeff Mintah (Koforidua Secondary Technical), Francis Lamptey (St Peters), Edwin Sarfo Aboagye (Mfantsipim) and Nana Baidoo (Presbyterian Boys).

The White Team will have some of the top stars who have graced the Sprite Ball Championship in the past including Emmanuel Ekow Amoako (Koforidua Secondary Technical School), Afful (Koforidua Secondary Technical School), Rudolf Retting Akrasi (Opoku Ware), Julian Morgan (Mfantsipim), Edem Dompe (Opoku Ware), Adomanko (KSTS), Biney (Prempeh College), Kudjoe (G.S.T.S), Sydney Larbie (G.S.T.S) and Joshua Opare (KSTS).

Uche (Presbyterian Boys)

It’s not as though Uche is undeserving of the honor – his overall statistics in the past made him one of the powerful players for the Accra-based school. He was critical component of the Presec team and will be in the thick of affairs at the Aviation Social Centre.

Charles Annang (Armed Forces).

The bulky Annan consistently put his stamp during his days at Armed Forces. A key player who won several titles including the Greater Accra and National championship in 2010.

Maxwell Mod (Mfantsipim)

Mod is a pretty safe bet to start the All-Star Game – particularly when he is redefining shooting efficiency and making the game look easier than ever. The former Mfantsipim ace is one of the biggest frontcourt player in the starting lineup and one many would love to see again. Won several titles with the Cape Coast-based side.

David Akuffo (Mfantsipim)

Akuffo was another piece in Mfantsipim dominance over the past three seasons. He was largely responsible for leading the side to record a hat-trick of titles last term. He is more than deserving of a place in the first suit. Never afraid of the big shot, Akuffo is going to fit in quite nicely among the elite.

Ralph (Armed Forces)

Quite unassuming, Ralph  was key member of the Armed Forces side which conquered all in 2010 and deserve a pat on the shoulder for making it into the All-Star Game.

Edem Quist (Mfantsipim)

A colossus for Mfantsipim during his three year stay at the school, Quist made a huge name for himself for his outstanding performances for the school. He was peerless during his playing and now a key cult figure for Zenith College Basketball Team.

Jeff Mintah (Koforidua Secondary Technical)

Undoubtedly one of the finest players to have graced the court at the Senior High School level. He played an influential role for Koforidua Secondary Technical School as they clinched the Eastern Regional Sprite Ball title in 2009 and has since not looked back. His durability and perimeter shooting are some of his key traits.

Francis Lamptey (St Peters)

The current Ashesi University student was a big name in the game at the Senior High level. A key architect for St Peters in the Eastern Region, the youngster encrypted his name in gold as he dazzled for his school during his playing time. One chap that many would love to see on the court again.

Edwin Sarfo Aboagye (Mfantsipim)

Another Mfantsipim product whose talents has not gone unnoticed. Edwin Sarfo Aboagye was member of the five-star Mfanstsipim team which soiled our eye with dashing and eye catching displays at the Aviation Social Centre and the El-Wak sports stadium. A big fans’ favourite and one many would love to see relive those fond memories once again .

Nana Baidoo (Presbyterian Boys)

It may seem as quite a surprise to see Nana Baidoo’s name in the final All-Star team but he deserves his place.

An instrument of change at Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School team, Baidoo was a key member for the side and one player who calmness and quality on the court won him many admirers.

Next up we’ll explore the members of the White Team.



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