The 2014 Sprite Ball Championship brought many surprises and was unpredictable as quite a few favorites fell earlier than expected.

As in every major competition, some of the players individually struggled to reach expectations and that created an early elimination for some of the teams.

Here are the three most disappointing performers at the 2014 Sprite Ball 

Emmanuel Wolff (Koforidua Secondary Technical School, KSTS)

nw6Koforidua Secondary Technical School guard Emmanuel Wolf is among a tall-list of players who under performed at the two-day championship in Accra.

For a youngster who came behind Mfantsipim’s Julian Morgan as the country Best High School Player of 2013, many had expected him to carry his team on his shoulders take them through to the title.

But the former Abuakwa State College student flattered to deceive as he failed to guide the team to the title.

It was great achievement to make the tournament but fans would have liked to see them pull it out and move on.

Also, the fashion they lost in was disappointing and left people wondering what could have been.

Wolff did a great job collecting long rebounds after the misses of Aphour Simon and Emmanuel Salifu Summers.

However he made failed to make a significant contribution to the KSTS offense as his shooting percentages were incredibly low.

The author of one of the most shots in the Sprite Ball history, Wolff was pretty much unnoticeable at this tournament.

At a point that one expected him to be the BIG man on the court, he failed to break down a resolute Ketasco side as they bundled out of the competition at the quarter-final stage.

Michel (Mfantsipim)

MICHEOne of the biggest disappointments of the Sprite Ball Championship, Mfantsipim’s Michel, looked nowhere close to a player tipped for greatness in the future.

For a player who has garnered enough experience having being mentored by the likes of Julian Morgan, Maxwell Mod and David Akuffo amongst others, many expected him to bring his ‘A’ game to the championship, yet he was a pale shadow of himself.

Michel didn’t really grind out the performance required with his feeble stickers, poor rebounds and sometimes over- elaboration antics.

Riddrick Osei Agyemang (Opoku Ware)

Riddrick was suppose to lead the Opoku Ware team this year, but his performance was sub-par the whole tournament.

He had a couple of good games but a lot was expected from the youngster due to his huge potential.

No doubt he is a great talent and can become one of the finest at his level if he keeps his focus but it’s must be fair to say that he didn’t really come out of his blocks in 2014.

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