David West nwThe 6’9 physical and no nonsense David West that showed up on game nights was barely recognizable when he addressed a press gathering at the Adidas house in Accra,once again another Nba player had arrived in Ghana in a bid to give Ghanaian kids with traces of talent an opportunity to possibly encounter the game at the professional level.

Press men who were obviously disgruntled from waiting over 2 hours and had threatened to abandon the press conference walked away more than satisfied as the depth of his words would match any motivational speaker.

Before his mission to Ghana which lasts a full week will be placed under the spotlight his arrival in San Antonio holds more significance in the short term and like he rightly said at the end of it all winning is all that matters.

San Antonio Spurs power forward David West less than 24 hours after arriving in Ghana revealed the obvious,that the lure of finishing his NBA career with a championship ring fueled his decision to sign with the Texas based franchise.

West according to reports decided against picking up his player option for the upcoming season which would have paid him $12.6 million but instead he decided to join the likes of Tim Duncan and Lamarcus Aldridge for a veteran’s minimum of £1.4 million.
West who is expected to exert his influence both on the court and off it believes the time has arrived for a player of his quality to take his place among the greats.

“My decision to go to San Antonio was a simple decision,I have been playing basketball since I was 6 years old that’s almost 30 years of my life and at the end of the day its about winning.

“Its about having the opportunity to win and to learn from some of the greatest minds in the game and to be in a winning environment and a culture that is all about winning. “At this stage of my career I just want to be part of a winning organization,a winning group and having the opportunity to win late in the basketball season.


He stated emphatically that a player of his talents deserved a shot at the crown and his new home in Texas is where that wish can be moulded into reality.

“I feel like my skills and what I bring to the table is best suited for a team that can compete at the very top of the Nba.

“I feel like the Spurs are at that level every year so its an opportunity to join a great group of guys who have a tremendous legacy,” an assured West responded.


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