s2The hole keeps getting deeper for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. But coach Byron Scott is intent on letting the 20-year veteran dig his own way out.

Even after a second 1-for-14 shooting effort of the season — the worst of his career — in the dismal 111-77 loss to the unbeaten Warriors the last time out, Scott told Baxter Holmes of ESPN.com that he does not plan to reduce Bryant’s minutes or his prominence in the lineup.

“I haven’t thought about reducing his role,” Scott said Wednesday at the team’s practice facility. “I think his role is pretty defined for us right now. So is his minutes.”

In spite of Kobe Bryant’s 1-for-14 shooting malaise in Tuesday’s rout by the Warriors, coach Byron Scott said Wednesday he hasn’t considered reducing the 37-year-old’s “pretty defined” role.

Bryant, 37, is struggling mightily in his 20th NBA season, during which he’s averaging more shots (a team-high 16.4 field goal attempts per game) than points (15.2). Bryant is second on the team in minutes (30.5) to Jordan Clarkson (30.8).
Scott said he doesn’t believe minutes are taking a toll on Bryant, whose past three seasons have all been cut short by injury.

“Maybe it is, but my opinion, watching him, I don’t think so,” Scott said.
Scott also said he’s not counseling Bryant.

“I’m letting him try to find it for himself,” Scott said. “He’s been doing this for a long time. I’m not so much worried about Kobe. I am concerned about his shooting percentage and shots so far, but so far as knowing him the way I’ve known him and how long he’s played in this league, I’m not worried about him finding it.”



  1. I agreed with Coach Scoutt, what of the rest of the teammates, what can they also do in terms of their shooting percentage and that of their defensive. I think they allowed too much space for their opponent to have upper hand which is not the best. Moreover conerning Kobe , keeping him part of the team or not he is a player of alot of potential rather the new players should try as much as possible to learn much from him before he retired because if i found myself in Lakers today that is exactly what am gonna do but please they should work on their defesive play much important to me thank you

  2. Well my opinion on this is Lakers need to b playing defense, its not really about Bryants minutes on the floor.Scott should also make Jordan Clarckson have more playing time.


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