Former Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Basketball head coach Clement Adu-Gyamfi has expressed absolute confidence in the institution’s team ahead of the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges (UPAC) Basketball Championship.

The third edition of the competition will take place March 5 and April 16 with the opening round of games taking place at the University of Ghana at 11:00 GMT. The Championship is headlined by premier deodorant brand Rexona.

In a short poem titled “A letter to my darling”, the former head expresses his endearing love for the game of basketball saying:

“My dear, I never loved you but you showed me love and taught me how to love you back. I use to spend all my leisure time on your other competitor, least did I know you were so sweet like the harmattan pawpaw, so lovely like a three pointer shoot.

When I began showing my love towards you, my friends nearly truncated it but once I was determined to try your love I never mind them, others asked when, how and where? But I told them that the feeling was mutual and that the love and affection came naturally.

His love for GIMPA and the opportunity to coach the team in last year’s competition, dominates the second part of the poem.

“Around same time last year, I gladly accepted your offer to take me out for a campaign. Even though I was very naive, you never exposed me to be ridiculed. Sometimes, I got lost as to what to do but you kept on saying let’s move on for we must conquer. Unfortunately, we were not successful but I am told that this year you have find someone better than me, and from your warm up games it’s proving very positive.

I therefore stand shoulder to shoulder, chest to chest and join our hands in spirit for the time has come for the world to see us as the champions. Go all out my boys, come on boys, do this for mother Gimpa and I am certain of a favorable outcome. On this note I say go out there and conquer and you shall be the head and never the tail”.

GIMPA is highly tipped to qualify from Zone A following University of Professional Studies withdrawal from the competition. The institution was stripped of hosting Zone A games due to the poor state of the institution’s basketball court by event organizers Rite Sports Limited.

GIMPA faces Ho Polytechnic, Ghana Technology University College and Pentecost University College in Zone A as it seeks to qualify out of the group stage for the first time in the competition’s history.

The UPAC Championship is supported by Fanyogo, MTN and CAL Bank in partnership with, Y FM, TV3 and Ghana Sports.


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