When Carmelo Anthony re-signed with the New York Knicks in 2014, it was widely known that it was an awkward fit for both sides. The Knicks were clearly looking at a rebuild, and that just doesn’t work with a superstar on board. Rumors of a possible trade have been floated and shot down several times, as Anthony has asserted repeatedly his intention not to waive his no-trade clause and his desire to remain in New York.

With the Knicks in yet another transition year, they’re looking for a new coach. Anthony has said that he wants to be involved in finding the new man on the sideline.

In an interview with Doug Gottlieb on the Doug Gottlieb Show on CBS Sports Radio, Anthony said that the team has not involved him in any of the interviews so far, however.

When asked by Gottlieb about how he feels about that, Anthony described the situation as “tough.” He described this Knicks season as a “roller coaster,” from the high times of a strong start to the injuries he had to play through, the team’s fall-off, and the eventual firing of coach Derek Fisher. With all that instability and the kind of roster turnover that the Knicks have gone through in the past two years, it’s no wonder that Anthony’s looking to have a voice who will be, what he hopes is, his last coach in his career.

However, that kind of approach is not really up Phil Jackson’s alley. Jackson has never been described as “close” with Anthony. He’s been supportive of Melo, signed him to a max deal two summers ago, and has kept him as the face of the franchise. But there’s still no evidence that Melo is in Jackson’s inner circle.

There’s this slow grind towards an inevitable divorce between Anthony and the Knicks. He wants to win, the team is nowhere ready. He wants to win on his terms, and that’s been the case since he forced his way to New York in 2011. But eventually Anthony is going to have to make a choice on whether or not he wants to be relevant on the NBA stage, and if he does, New York doesn’t make much sense.

New York failing to consult him on the coaching search should speak volumes about where the situation is, if Anthony is indeed being truthful.


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