The Knicks had signaled for weeks that they were going to pursue Joakim Noah, then word surfaced early Friday that New York had offered Noah a four-year, $72 million deal to join his former teammate and friend Derrick Rose in the Big Apple.

Later Friday, the two sides met and made it formal.

The Knicks continue to pursue other free agents — meeting with Eric Gordon and Courtney Lee, as well as pursuing Dwyane Wade, according to reports. But getting Noah is a risky but promising addition.

If Noah is even 70 percent of what he was, he’ll help maximize Kristaps Porzingis, provide an emotional engine, and give the Knicks a talented passer and scorer from the post.

The Knicks were clearly not going to try and build young through the draft, and if they weren’t, going with an established player who could help them in key way is worth the gamble. Now, we just have to see how the dice roll.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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