Director of Sports of the University of Ghana Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu has ripped into the Ghana Universities Sports Association (GUSA) and Accra Basketball League (ABL) following the respective associations manhandling of the institution’s female basketball team.

He described ABL’s dealing with the University as administratively deficient and chastised GUSA for failing to appropriately describe who a student is.

The veteran educationist made the damning statement in an interview with after University of Ghana held a press conference in wake of the institution’s impressive performance in the just ended All Africa University Games in South Africa.

“It was very unfair to us…because GUSA itself didn’t have a definition of who a student was and this was clearly a student who had registered to rewrite and they didn’t say that those rewriting were not students… so finally we lost and then were withdrawn” he said.

“The Accra Basketball League is administration deficiency on the part of the organizers you can’t bring a letter today and say in two days come and participate…we need to get the information long before so that we are able to prepare and plan” he continued.


The institution’s female basketball team got penalized for fielding an unqualified player during the competition in January; a situation which University of Ghana firmly objects.

Its female team was withdrawn from competing in the league this season after forfeiting three straight games.


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