The Warriors added another MVP-caliber player to go with their current MVP when they added Kevin Durant in free agency to Stephen Curry and their core of All-Stars. But with that combination comes the question of whether or not the Warriors will be ready to sacrifice to win together.

Draymond Green has been vocal about his willingness to do just that, and led the charge to sign Durant. But of course the Warriors are going to say they can make it work. It’s more impactful, maybe, when other star players say they think the Warriors will have the substantial and immediate success they crave.
Indiana Pacers star Paul George thinks just that. George was asked about the team-up after Team USA practice this week.


“I think they both are going to have to be willing to give up something,” Pacers star Paul George said of Curry and Durant. “But they are both unselfish players, so it will definitely work. You can’t forget what Klay (Thompson) brings and what Draymond brings. With those four guys, you can’t have an alpha. Everybody has to be willing to give up something for that team.

Thompson might as well get used to being the Ringo of the group, which is insane given how talented he is. He’s the one that’s going to have to take the biggest step back. Green, if anything, will get more opportunities as teams opt for anything that doesn’t involve Durant or the Splash Brothers shooting. Curry will still have the ball in his hands the most and Durant will be force-fed to make sure he’s happy.

But for George to say that can work isn’t just lip service. He knows those guys and clearly believes in their commitment to sacrifice.


Another interesting tangent to this quote is that Durant, fresh off joining the Warriors, is having a blast with his new teammates in front of these other stars. Paul George’s best teammate is either Jeff Teague, Myles Turner, or Thad Young. DeMarcus Cousins’ is Rudy Gay. So many superteams have been formed after spending time together and bonding with Team USA. You have to wonder if watching Durant form these new relationships for a super-squad that should win multiple titles will inspire other Team USA guys to start considering if they need a change in scenery … or teammates.

Either way, count George in the camp of believing the Warriors will thrive.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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