The Accra Basketball League regular season will be delayed further following the postponement of a league game between Fire Service and defending champions Braves of Customs.

The game was called off due to the absence of game officials at the Lebanon House Court in Tudu.

Speaking to after the game was postponed, Fire Service Coach Ralph Ahadzi was left distraught as he pointed out communication between teams, league administrators and officials was the main reason behind the action.

“There is no referee to call the match that was the reason why they postponed it (the game). They were saying we were supposed to play our match at 3 and CEPS (Braves) refused to play at 3 so because of that they (referees) cannot stay through the night and officiate” he said.

He reiterated his side was at the venue at the scheduled time but Braves was not present.


However, he declined to comment on pushing for a walkover win rather stating, “It was through communication because when we got here (at the venue) we saw Navy warming up that means they’ve been told early to come play with Holy Family so Holy Family Coach was here at 2 that they are playing the first match. That means somebody is not doing his work right”.

The postponement is the second after the first game was called off due to heavy rains that inundated many parts of Ghana in June.


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