The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to be quite charitable with their championship rings.

The Cavs have reportedly offered former coach David Blatt a championship ring and according to current Golden State Warriors center Anderson Varejao, Cleveland has extended him the same offer. Varejao though, is undecided if he will accept a ring from the Cavs.

Compared to Blatt, the Cavs offering Varejao a championship ring makes a lot more sense. Varejao and his untamed hair provided the hustle and energy for the Cavs for 11-plus seasons. He was a fan favorite and beloved by his teammates. However wanting to upgrade their roster mid-season, the Cavs traded Varejao around the trade deadline last season in a deal for Channing Frye. Varejao then ended up on the Warriors and faced the Cavs in the Finals.

Despite Varejao not actually helping the Cavs win a championship, you can understand his un-decisiveness on accepting a ring. Varejao was a franchise staple for so long and he clearly still has fondness for the Cavs, even though he was traded. However on the other hand, he played against Cleveland in the NBA Finals and is no longer on the Cavs.

Even if Varejao doesn’t accept Cleveland’s offer, clearly the relationship he has with the Cavs continues to be strong, which is somewhat rare to see in the NBA.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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