Stephen Curry told reporters after the Golden State Warriors’ first official practice of the 2016-17 season that he plans to re-sign with the Warriors next summer when he hits free agency. “Yes, yes,” was his simple reply in regards to being an unrestricted free agent as of July 1.
Curry made his situation pretty clear. From ESPN:

Asked if he’ll consult with Durant on contract matters this season, Curry said, “Maybe, but I’m not going to let it distract me at all.”
“I want to be back here. I like playing here, and that’s it,” he said.

Curry is finally set to get the massive payday he has been owed the past four seasons but was unable to garner after signing his extension in 2012. He makes just $12 million this season thanks to that deal which was signed when the Warriors were unsure Curry could make it through an entire season due to the spate of ankle injuries which consistently sidelined him. Next summer he’ll be in line for a deal that starts somewhere close to $30.5 million.

The Warriors were able to use the huge influx of media money this summer to land Kevin Durant, but next summer, in addition to max deals for Draymond Green and Klay Thompson which are already on the books, the Warriors will have to give Curry and Durant close to $67 million alone out of a cap of an estimate $102 million. Their luxury tax payments are going to be absolutely insane, but will no doubt be worth it in the Bay Area with such a successful and popular team, and that’s before the added value of the championships they’re likely to win this season or in the near future at the very least.

Either way, there’s always been rumors and rumblings about Curry wanting to return to Carolina to play for the Hornets; Curry grew up in Charlotte when his dad played for the Hornets. But that’s realistically a pipe dream. The Warriors have their super-team, and all four key members intend to stay for the foreseeable future. Curry’s free agency at this point seems to be little more than a formality.


Courtesy: CBS Sports


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