The 2016 Accra Basketball League Men’s Division I season postseason has been rescheduled by the league board and will take place on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th October at the Lebanon House Court in Tudu, Accra.

The decision to move the games from the original dates of September 30 and October 1 has been made in order to accommodate the Peace Hoops Basketball Tournament currently taking place at the same venue according to reports reaching

Some coaches and representatives of playoff teams were summoned to an emergency meeting during Peace Hoops fourth day of competition where it was decided the best solution will be to spread out the game days over a period.
Coaches of Braves of Customs, Ghana Navy, Teshie Rangers, Fire Service were present at the meeting with Ghana Basketball Association Vice Chairman Iddi Agambire and Hoops Tournament organizers Hashim Brimah and Edwin Haizel Junior.

The announcement comes in time to quell pessimism on what would have been a jumbled schedule with two main events happening at the same venue in the same period. The league board is expected to provide information regarding the new timeline in the coming days. Below is the full playoff fixtures for the 2016 Accra Basketball League

Braves of Customs v Teshie Rangers
Tema Youth v DC Dynamics
Ghana Navy v Fire Service
Reformers of Prisons v Tudu Magic



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