Winners Team UG
UG (in blue)beat host UCC 75-56.

The 7th Mini Ghana University Sports Association Mini (GUSA) Games ended on January 13 after ten days of top level performances from athletes in multiple sports disciplines from seven of Ghana’s public universities.

However, the Games is an avenue to select athletes from participating teams to represent the West African nation at the 29th Summer International University Sports Federation (FISU) Games in Taipei, Taiwan which takes place between August 19 and August 30 this year.

After watching the final game of the Basketball competition, Brands Manager of Promasidor Ghana Limited- Producers of top selling dairy product Cowbell and sponsor of the event-Joseph Ashong was confident players selected would represent Ghana well at the FISU Games.

“In terms of the quality of play, you could see the excitement, you could see the passion which these basketball players were exhibiting meaning that they are really really ready to go and show to the whole world that basketball is a big game in Ghana” he said.

University of Ghana (UG) won the basketball competition after beating host University of Cape-Coast (UCC) 75-56 with the former completing an unbeaten run in the tournament. University of Development Studies (UDS) placed third.


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