KNUST (yellow) won all games in Zone G.

UENR’s Robert Brew goes up for a layup.


STU (white) lose opening game.

UENR, KNUST to represent Zones F and G in Accra in April.

Game Over; KNUST beats KTU 25-19 to win Zone G.

KTU to play KNUST in Zone G in repeat of 2016 final to decide which team tops the zone..

Last phase of qualifiers rain in high scoring games.

UENR make it to quarterfinals as representative from Zone F.

Game over UENR 60-11 CUCG. UNER qualifies to UPAC Championship quarter final for second straight year.

UENR not easing up scoring on opponent; continues to pummel CUCG. Half time CUCG 11-25 UENR.

UENR clinch first quarter lead with eight point difference; leads CUCG 14-6.

Attention switches to matters in Zone F as CUCG prepares to take on UENR.

Nothing surprising as both teams were tipped to fight for the spot ahead of the competition; both teams playedin the 2016 zonal final which was won by KNUST.,

KTU to battle KNUST for zone top spot and ticket to the quarterfinals in Accra in April.

Poor performances from GTUC in both games played in Zone G as the side has failed to score more than 10 points in each game.

Game Over; KTU wins 48-7 against GTUC.

Half time: KTU leads GTUC 19-2. GTUC are turning out to be whipping boys of teh entire qualifiers so far.

Second quarter continues in same vain as KTU continues to score easily.

KTU taking advantage of over matched GTUC side to win and set up crunch meeting with strong rival KNUST.

End of first quarter, KTU leads GTUC 11-0; GTUC looking at another big loss.

Competition host KTU aiming at compounding woes of GTUC after massacre at the hands of KNUST.

Next game is between home side KT and GTUC.

The win extends STU’s life in the competition. Will play UENR in a game to decide which team tops the zone should UENR beat CUCG.

Final whistle goes, STU tops CUCG 41-39 to claim first win in the competition.

Catholic can’t hold on to sustained pressure as STU extend lead in fourth quarter.

CUCG shave deficit to just a single point.; trails STU 32-33 at the end of the third quarter.

Third quarter begins with a change in momentum as CUCG get right in the game with strong start.

Five point lead for STU is key to the team’s survival hopes in the competition.

Half Time: STU come from behind to take 23-18 lead.

STU storm back in second quarter with impressive displays. Playing way better than it did in the first quarter.

CUCG take first quarter with 13-11 lead in the second fixture in Zone F.

STU needs to win game to avoid crashing out of tourney early.

Next game up CUCG v STU.

KNUST completes demolishing exercise by beating GTUC-Kumasi 60-4.

Extend 30 point lead after first half to 43 point at the end of the third quarter.

KNUST showing no mercy to GTUC.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) leads Ghana Technology University College-Kumasi (GTUC) at the Kumasi Technical University.

Shocker here at KTU: KNUST leads GTUC 30-0 at half time

UENR clinch first win in Zone F with 34-26 win over STU.

2016 quarterfinalist UENR make good on perfect start; led STU 17-7 at half time.

Only zone winners qualify to quarterfinal.

Teams competing in Zone F are UENR, STU and Catholic University College, Ghana (CUCG) while Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana Technology University College-Kumasi (GTUC) and host KTU are in Zone G.

Games in Zone G to follow here at the Kumasi Technical University (KTU).

Zone F game between University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) and Sunyani Technical University (STU) tips off


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