As one of Carmelo Anthony’s most frustrating seasons in New York comes to an end, the Knicks star said he’s looking forward to his exit meeting with team president Phil Jackson.

“The chips will be on the table in that meeting,” Anthony told reporters Monday.

Carmelo Anthony says he sees “the writing on the wall” when it comes to his future with the Knicks.

In his seventh season in New York, Anthony has been the focal point of trade rumors. However, because he has a no-trade clause, Anthony has the right to veto any potential trade.

Anthony, though, said he sees “the writing on the wall,” indicating that perhaps he knows his time in New York may be running out.

“The time I’m out there on the court, I’m going to play basketball. It’s the game I’ve always had fun and enjoyed,” Anthony said. “Although it hasn’t been as fun as I would’ve wanted it to be. Try to find the joy in playing the game again.”

The Knicks (29-48) had hopes of competing for a playoff spot this season, but were eliminated from contention last Wednesday.

In addition to Anthony’s status, the Knicks will have to figure out the future of Derrick Rose, who is a free agent this offseason, and evaluate a full implementation of Jackson’s preferred triangle offense.



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