John Wall is an incredible point guard. His speed and athleticism makes him incredibly dangerous driving to the basket. Few guards are better driving into the lane and kicking to the corner than Wall. That is where he is strongest. Creating for others.

Wall however believes himself to be more than just a creator. He’s currently working out at the University of Miami with LeBron James. There, Ballislife caught up with Wall and interviewed him. When they asked him about the top point guards in the NBA, he showed the confidence in himself that every star player possesses. Wall believes he’s the best two-way point guard in the NBA.

Wall may believe this, but it’s hard to agree with him right now despite his incredible skills. He’s a great offensive guard for what he does, but it’s no secret that he’s a limited scorer because of his shooting range. He finds ways to overcome this, but shooting is not his strong point. The real issue at hand here is the defense.
Wall struggled on the defensive end of the ball last year.

Sure, some of this was his offensive workload forcing some sacrifices on the defensive end, but he wasn’t a terror getting in the face of opposing guards either. There were better defensive guards and better offensive guards last season than Wall. Does this make him a bad two-way guard? No, but it doesn’t make him the best. Not now anyways.
That said, none of this really matters because what is Wall going to say? He’s one of the NBA’s best guards. Of course he considers himself the NBA’s best two-way guard. That’s what he should think. Great players believe in themselves.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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