Sacred Heart v Armed Forces (blue)

Qualifying games to the Sprite Ball Championship in Greater Accra Region have been called off due to consistent rain that prevented ties from being honored.

The games were scheduled to end today to decide which teams make it to Ghana’s National High School Competition next year.

Next year’s tournament takes place from January 4-6, 2018 at the El Wak Stadium in Accra with 26 schools in the boys and girls division set to compete.

However, today’s games at University of Professional Studies (UPSA) and Presbyterian Boys Senior High School (PRESEC-Legon) had to be postponed due to the unfavorable weather.

Rains lashed several parts of Ghana’s capital affecting residents in the city including ties to select representatives for the region in 2018.

At the time games were halted, St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High beat Host PRESEC-Legon 32-30 while Sacred Heart blew out Armed Forces Senior High courtesy a 42-13 win.

The weather turned bad as rainfall intensified forcing officials to call for a break and set to return once the rains ceased.

Unfortunately, they didn’t cease after an hour and the games were called off.

By Yaw Adjei-Mintah
@YawMintYM on Twitter


  1. Presec-legon was severely cheated,how can a fourty minutes game with ten minutes quarters be played without presec having a single free throw?
    The officials of that game muat be questioned and something must be done to correct the mistke made.

  2. The organiser of sprite should have been there to see how the officiaters of the match between presec and st thomas aquinas were biase in favour of the latter,i’m a student of UPSA but i was not impressed with what i saw at all.

  3. i was around to watch the game between presec and St thomas aquinas.Before God and man,officials were in favour of st thomas aquinas.even though my fiancee is an old student of aq,the truth must be said.

  4. Presec won their Zonal interco which happens to be the toughest zone,how then can they loose to st thomas aquinas who was second on their zone?
    the organisers should do something about this because i only come to watch presec at sprite.

  5. st thomas aquinas can never beat presec all things being equal,if this statement is doubted,the officials should try hold a match between these two schools with neutral referees.
    how can a referee who has three of his wards in st thomas aquinas be allowed to officiate such a match?
    this is a total cheat.

  6. please,the organisers of sprite should do something about this,presec deserves to go to sprite,considering the skills and teamwork of the boys and the game they played,they were actually cheated.

  7. really?? well i don’t know what happened but if presec is not coming for sprite i don’t i should leave koftown all the way to Accra.

  8. presec is for the boys and most of us come to elwak every year because of presec and noww they are not coming…well i think we would wait till the year they will come then we also go.

  9. presec population currently is over 3,000 and basketball is their main game and as such the boys will always go to support their school.if presec is not going you can imagine.

  10. presec was really robbed pls kindly do something about it. how can a team play 40min without a free throw, not that they were even loosing they were in the lead till officials started changing the game they really deserve to be there after beating Wass in the zonal semi-finals. these guys really deserve to be there. looking at the game they played on believe the championship will be theirs if they are allowed to participate in next year’s championship

  11. I was there personally to witness the match between Presec Legon and St. Thomas Aquinas. All I can say is that the officiating was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. All the fouls were taking in favour of St. Thomas Aquinas. A forty minutes game without a single free throw for Presec Legon. How possible???

  12. The officiating of the Presec Legon vs St. Thomas Aquinas match was very crude. It was as if all the fouls were called in favour of St. Thomas Aquinas. It was a very sad moment for Presec Legon.

  13. The game between Persco and Pj was totally bais in the favour of PJ the officials ended the game to save Pj.The organisers should bring St Peter’s and Presec to the competition


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