Denver Nuggets point guard Isaiah Thomas was blunt with his feelings toward the city of Cleveland.

During a live video on Instagram, Thomas had mostly complimentary things to say about his previous stops in the NBA but described Cleveland as a “s–thole” and that he can “see why [LeBron James] left.

IT speaks his mind: “Cleveland was a sh*thole. I see why Bron left. Again.”

Thomas later apologized for the comments:

I apologize for my choice of words about Cleveland. I was on my live playing around. They don’t show you everything for a reason smh. Right after that I clarified what I said…. All love to everybody who had love for me in Cleveland.

Thomas appeared in 15 games for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017-18 after joining the team as part of the Kyrie Irving trade. His brief stint was largely forgettable, as he averaged 14.7 points and 4.5 assists while shooting 36.1 percent from the field before team traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Thomas can probably count on receiving a chilly reception when he and the Nuggets make their first trip to Cleveland on Nov. 1.

Courtesy: Bleacher Report


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