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Sprite Ball

Sprite Ball @ 10-For the dignity of St. Peter’s

Ghana’s biggest high school basketball tournament-Sprite Ball Championship’s- soon to be ten year anniversary, has been touched by the lives and passion of students and players who have experienced the competition first hand. Students from several schools have thronged Ghana’s capital, Accra to show love to their schools at the …

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Sprite Ball @ 10- “Dawn” of Labone Senior High

The establishment of the immaculate school in Ghana’s capital Accra fits perfectly in line with its motto Primus Semper Aurora”. Translated as “First at Dawn”, its establishment predated Ghana’s independence ten full years and ushered in the start of great things for the West African country. Labone Senior High School …

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Sprite Ball @ 10- Accra High School to make hay

Birthplace of the Sprite Ball Championship- the highly rated high school basketball tournament in Ghana-the Greater Accra Region has the enviable record of having the most representatives at the competition since its maiden edition in 2007. The West African country’s capital city boasting a stellar collection of top rated secondary …

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Sprite Ball@ 10- Awudome-Star of the Volta

Since the inception of the Sprite Ball Championship in 2007, the heralded high school basketball competition, basketball at the burgeoning stages of Ghanaian individuals has caught fire to famously shut out the country’s dominant sport-football. The competition will celebrate 10 years come January 2017 and as a result, the nostalgic …

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