When Brazil play at the FIBA World Championship later this year, it’s safe to say that Marcelinho Machado will be an integral part of their high-octane offense against Team USA, Croatia, Slovenia, Tunisia and Iran in Group B.

When Marcelinho finds his shooting touch, few Brazilian players are prolific at scoring points.

He was in full flow for Flamengo over the weekend, pouring in 63 points in a 101-89 triumph over San Jose in the Brazilian league.

The veteran shooting guard was 16 of 21 from three-point range and later spoke about the performance.

“This week, they put on TV the game where (Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe) Bryant scored 81 points and my wife told me that on a good day, I could score 50,” Marcelinho said.

“Yes, I guess the images of Bryant inspired me.”

Marcelinho was in such a good rhythm and so focused that he said he had no idea he was on such a scoring rampage.

“I wasn’t keeping a count on how many points I had scored although when I reached 60, I was informed from the bench, even though I didn’t believe it,” he claimed.

“I didn’t think I had scored so many.”


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