Ghana Technology University College- Kumasi will play an all star game against Garden City University College on Saturday March 5 as the team continues preparations for the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges (UPAC) Basketball Championship.

The 2016 UPAC Championship is headlined by top selling deodorant brand Rexona and will take place between March 5 and April 16. The first phase of preliminary games begins March 5 at the University of Ghana.

The Kumasi outfit, set to make its’ maiden appearance in the championship has been preparing by way of playing friendly games to test their battle readiness.

According to the institution’s Sports Chairman Derrick Okuadjo, the games will “prove our –the team’s –fitness for the tournament.”

“It’s going to be our first time entering into a competition like this but we promise to show you guys that we also got the best when it comes to basketball” he said.

Ghana Technology will play Kumasi Polytechnic, Kwame Nkrumah University College and Garden City University College on March 19 at Kumasi Polytechnic.

The 2016 UPAC Championship is supported by Fanyogo, MTN and CAL Bank in partnership with Basketballghana.com, Y FM, TV3 and Ghana Sports.

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