The Indiana Pacers parted company with head coach Frank Vogel on Thursday after five seasons with the franchise.

Pacers President Larry Bird said the team had decided not to renew Vogel’s contract despite the coach expressing his desire to stay on.

“Frank’s not getting fired. His contract is up and I just made the decision not to renew it,” Bird said at a press conference.

Bird said Vogel had made repeated requests to stay on during a 30-minute conversation on Thursday following the decision.

Vogel’s departure comess after the Pacers lost in the first round of the playoffs this season amid speculation of a rift inside the dressing room.

Bird said he believed the Pacers would improve next season when key players such as Paul George returned to full fitness.


“I expect us to be better, and we will be,” Bird said. “Paul coming off an injury and Myles (Turner) making strides, we should be better. What you add to that mix, the franchise is in good shape with some of the guys we have. I always expect greatness.”

Bird suggested the Pacers would move aggressively in the free agency window.

“We know through the grapevine some players who would like to come here and play,” Bird said. “You can’t talk to players this time of year, but you hear it. The new coach might have some ideas of players he’d like.”



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