Magic Power Forward Evans Anfom has expressed concern about the poor state of the basketball court at the Lebanon House in Tudu, Accra stating the nature of the facility hampers the development of players.

The court which hosts a major chunk of games during the Accra Basketball League is in decline after many years of use without any major improvement. Anfom who recently competed in the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges (UPAC) Championship for Marshalls University College will compete for league outfit Magic said:

“It affects in some way…it is enough for now until the facility is being improved or upgraded. Right now that is what we have now so we have no choice but to make use of it”.


The Lebanon House court and the Prisons Court in Cantonment are the venues for the 2016 season but the former has a lot of infrastructural shortcomings. For starters, the playing surface has a lot of cracks, the metal rims leave much to be desired and the lighting system is poor.

Players have difficulty shooting the ball well during games played late at night. With games starting 17:00 GMT, improved visibility will definitely go a long way to improve the offensive nuances of competing teams.

Magic will open the new season against Air Force after its original season opener against Police was postponed.


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