Before the start of free agency, it seemed like Pat Riley and the Miami Heat were optimistic about the return of Chris Bosh, who had his season end early for the second consecutive year due to complications from blood clots. Riley was reportedly including Bosh as part of the team in pitches to free agents and both sides were targeting training camp as the date of his return. However, that may have just been talk by Riley to entice free agents to join the Heat.

Speaking with reporters at a press conference on Saturday, Riley said that it is still unclear when Bosh will actually return.

From the Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman:

“It’s always fluid and it always has been. It’s a positive environment right now with Chris and his doctors.
“I know he wants to play and we would be open to that. Let’s allow this process to move down the road and we’ll go from there.
“I can’t speak medically about this thing. I can only speak from a basketball standpoint.
“It’s a sensitive, complicated situation.”
Riley also mentioned that the Heat are considering allowing Bosh to have a “restricted travel schedule” and a “limited workload.” What that really means is anyone’s guess.

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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