The National Wheelchair Basketball Federation of Ghana, led by Max Vardon is bracing itself for sanctions by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation after failing to represent at a recent key conference in Morocco.

National Coach Elvis Alupui was expected to represent the federation in North Africa but failed to honor the invitation following delays in meeting his travel expenditure.

In a follow up interview with Media Coordinator of the federation Sandy Asiedu, was not sure about the fate of the federation by simply stating, “We are yet to know”.


Ghana’s federation was expected to send three officials to represent the country at the conference but had to narrow the contingent to one as a result of the dire financial situation the federation faces.

The conference was held during the African Paralympics which took place between July 10 and July 17 where courses on classification and coaching were undertaken. Failing to show up extends an already long list of misses by Ghana which includes the Rio Paralympic Games and African Games.


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