bompehMuch isn’t known about Bompeh Secondary Technical School even after the immense exploits the school put in during its Cinderella run to the semifinals of the 2015 Sprite Ball Championship.

By making the main championship, the side had broken a traditional stereotypical ranking that had Ghana Secondary Technical School (G.S.T.S.) and St. John’s School ranked way ahead of the field in the boys division. Gate crushing the hierarchy at the Western regional qualifiers, the school made a huge splash on the national stage when it finished fourth behind Mfantsipim School, Keta Senior High School and Opoku Ware School.

A first time appearance resulting in a finish of that magnitude heralded the dawn of a rising force on the turquoise seas of Sekondi-Takoradi. The school’s fourth place finish ranks as the region’s second highest placing at the Championship in light of G.S.T.S.’ third place finish in 2013. But to fully understand how incredible Bompeh’s journey to West Africa’s biggest high school basketball tournament, one needs to know the difficult circumstances the team had to overcome.

For starters, the school isn’t blessed with huge financial muscle to compete with powerhouses who have the means to take talented players on scholarships hence putting Bompeh in a dire situation. Facilities at the institution aren’t the best compared to other schools but that proved not a problem for the school who made it through the preliminary stage against all odds. Led by charismatic and quintessential leader Christopher Appiah who rallied his teammates to form a water tight side that was a tough nut to crack.

Drawn against Keta, Accra High School and Akosombo International School, much wasn’t expected from the debutants  but the naysayers got a shock as the side easily made the quarters before doing the unthinkable to make the semis. Two more losses followed after the winning run to see Bompeh miss out on a medal. Disappointed they were, crest fallen they were not as the gravity of their unexpected run began to sink in.

Further glory was bestowed on the school as leader Christopher Appiah’s delightful play earned him a High School Player of the Year nomination at the 2015 Ghana Basketball Awards alongside Mfantsipim duo Daniel Owusu and Mishael Jamani Salifu and Edwin Appiah from PRESEC-Legon. Edwin ended up winning the top prize.

Thought the side looked primed to reup on their brilliant 2015 campaign with a concerted effort to from all stakeholders. Conversely, the team painfully missed out on a ticket to the ninth edition of Sprite Ball that took place earlier this year as St. John’s and G.S.T.S. represented the Western Region at the championship.

Both disappointed at the games crashing out at the preliminary stage and failing to progress in the process. With another opportunity to redeem itself, the path is clear for the lads from the school of “Knowledge, Hard work and Service” to make a huge stance in shaking up the basketball hierarchy in the region and nation.

Buckle up people, Bompeh Secondary Technical School is ready and revving to have a go at the historic tenth Sprite Ball Championship.


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