The 2016 Accra Basketball League Men’s Division I regular season has officially concluded can confirm after the final game of the season between Braves of Customs and Tudu Magic resulted in a default win for the former.

The tie which has been rained off on two occasions was set to be played on Wednesday, September 28 at the Lebanon House Court at 14:00 GMT. Due to the Peace Hoops 2016 Tournament taking place at the same venue, league organizers, in consultation with both teams agreed on the time which is some hours shy of the usual 17:00 GMT tip off time.

Speaking to Ghana’s premium basketball website, league representative Prosper Agbleta stated since both sides failed to honor the game, Braves have been declared winners of the tie by default as the side was leading 22-20 against Magic before heavy rain prevented the game from proceeding any further.

As such, Braves will end the season on top with nine wins from nine games and face off against Teshie Rangers in the first playoff game at the Lebanon House at 17:00 GMT on Friday September 30. Had Magic played and beaten Braves with 63 point difference, the side would have been the second seed and faced DC Dynamics.

Conversely, the side will take on sixth seed Reformers of Prisons on Saturday October 1.

tudu magic


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