Jimmy_ButlerThere were a few surprise results in the seven games played in the NBA on Wednesday night, including an incredible buzzer beater from our African player of the week.

Giannis is cold-blooded

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the New York Knicks 105-104 with a Giannis Antetokounmpo buzzer-beater. He had a 27-point, 13-rebound double-double, Greg Monroe had 18 points, nine rebounds and four assists, while Jabari Parker had 15 points, four and three.

Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with a 30-point, 11-rebound double-double, Derrick Rose and Mindaugus Kuzminskas combined for 30 with 15 points apiece and Joakim Noah finished with 16 rebounds and eight points.

Bulls trample Cavaliers

The Chicago Bulls took advantage of an Irving and Love-less Cleveland Cavaliers, beating them 106-94. Jimmy Butler had 20 points, six rebounds and eight assists, Taj Gibson had 18 points and seven rebounds, while Doug McDermott ended the game with 17 points and six rebounds.

The defending champion Cavs were led by LeBron James with 31 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, Jordan McRae had 21 points, three rebounds and two assists, and Channing Fraye had 15 points and five rebounds.

schroderHawks rip Magic in Orlando

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Orlando Magic 111-92. German-Gambian guard Dennis Schroder had 18 points, six rebounds and seven assists, Kent Bazemore had 17 points and four assists, Paul Millsap had 16 points, six rebounds, four assists and four steals, while Dwight Howard finished with a 13-point, 12-rebound double-double. Swiss-South African Thabo Sefolosha had eight points and five rebounds.

Aaron Gordon led the Magic with a 15-point, 10-rebound double-double, Elfrid Payton had 15 points, four rebounds and six assists, Congolese forward Serge Ibaka had nine points and 11 rebounds, while DRC-born centre Bismack Biyombo finished with two points and two rebounds.

Batum shines as Hornets sting Thunder

The Charlotte Hornets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 123-112. Nicolas Batum had 28 points, three rebounds and four assists, Kemba Walker had 20 points, four rebounds and nine assists, and Frank Kaminsky finished with 17 points and six rebounds.

Russell Westbrook had a monster night for OKC with a 33-point, 15 rebound double-double and came two assists short of a triple-double. Enes Kanter had 22 points and eight rebounds, Steven Adams had an 18-point, 12-rebound double-double, while Nigerian-American Victor Oladipo ended the game with 18 points, three rebounds and five assists.

Clippers down Grizzlies

The LA Clippers beat the Memphis Grizzlies 115-106. Austin Rivers had 28 points, four rebounds and seven assists, Jamal Crawford had 22 points and four assists, while DeAndre Jordan finished with an 18-point, 20-rebound double-double.

The Grizzlies were led by Marc Gasol with 23 points, four rebounds and six assists, Mike Conley had a 17-point, 12-assist double-double, while Tony Allen and Zach Randolph combined for 26 with 13 points apiece.

The rest

In the other Wednesday night games, the Golden State Warriors beat the Portland Trail Blazers 125-117 and the Miami Heat edged the Sacramento Kings 107-102.

By Kaunda Chama


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