Wisconsin (yellow and black) lost to Accra Technical University in the opening game.
Pentecost University College have began life in this year’s UPAC Basketball championship on a poor note by pissing away a huge lead to hand Central University a 27-24 win in Zone E.

The game rounded the first set of games in the zone which also features two time winners of the championship, Accra Technical University (ATU) and Wisconsin International University College.

Pentecost led for the entire game until the final three minutes of the contest where Central went on a 8-0 run to take the lead. As good as the Sydney Larbie-led Central team was in the game, Pentecost must shoulder a bulk of the responsibility for its role in the eventual outcome.

The Sowutuom-based side had several chances to extend its lead had they converted simple plays rather than the highlight play it sought

The opening game of the zone had ATU unsurprisingly beat Wisconsin 39-21 with several plays coming from the host’s star studded roster including reigning Ghana Basketball Most Valuable Player Suleman Abubakar.


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