Kevin Durant not-so-subtly took a jab at Under Armour and, by extension, his teammate Stephen Curry by saying earlier this summer that no one wants to play in Under Armours.

It wasn’t a direct shot aimed at his teammate from Durant, a marquee Nike athlete, but considering Curry is the brand’s biggest star, it was an interesting comment that could have reasonably caused a rift between the two Golden State stars. Durant, however, says he and Curry have had no beef over his comment.

“We was never in a bad place when I said that,” Durant said in an interview with ESPN. “So it’s like we didn’t have to patch anything up. … Me and Steph, we talked about that. He had a conversation with me about it, and I understood. We moved on.”

Because it’s the reigning NBA champion Warriors, one of the most polarizing collections of talent in all of sports, Durant says everyone made out his comments to be bigger than they were. But the two All-Stars have already cleared the air, he says, with an understanding that the hubbub was made to create a chasm between the two.

“We the Warriors,” Durant said. “Everybody trying to figure out a way to break us up, so they gonna use that too.”

Courtesy: CBS Sports


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