Mavis Martey is confident Galaxy will put CEPS to the sword when the two teams clash on the second day of the 2012 Cabalan Thomme championship in the capital.

The young ladies from Tudu will engage their rivals at the Lebanon court, eager to continue their impressive form against their opponent this term.

Their confidence level has skyrocketed after beating CEPS twice this year.

The former student of the Kinbu Senior high student is one of the key players around which the team evolves and she has no doubt they can end the game with their chest high.

“CEPS is a great team with fantastic players and I believe the contest will be extremely tough,” Martey said

“Our team is growing in confidence and that’s a positive sign. The players are starting to believe in themselves and so I guess we have to wait and see how it goes.

“We have absolute respect for CEPS for what they’ve been able to achieve over the years.

“They are the favourites but we have beaten them before and can do it again.”


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