Reformers Andrews Ayienab at the free throw line.
Reformers Andrews Ayienab at the free throw line.

In what has become a punch line of matters related to the Accra Basketball League, this weekend’s round of games have been postponed after rains rendered the Lebanon House Court unplayable.

The rains set in close to the end of an exciting matchup between Fire Service and Reformers of Braves with the score tied at 65 which automatically meant home side Tudu Magic’s game against Braves of Customs had to be called off too.

Both games have been rescheduled to Friday September 23 and Braves will engage Fire Service in another outstanding game on Wednesday September 21 as Ghana celebrates Founder’s Day.

The league has been hit by a slew of postponements which vary from persistent rains to referees refusal, bad lighting at the venue to referees refusal to officiate games. As a result, some teams including Tema Youth and Navy have completed regular season games whereas others like Fire and Braves have played seven of nine scheduled games thus far in the season.

Earlier in the season, games had to be called off repeatedly as most parts of Ghana were inundated with heavy rains during the country’s rainy season. Playing on an open air court is one of the reasons behind defending champions Braves of Customs game against Fire Service two prior postponements.

The postseason will begin in October.


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